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At AssistAI, all information about our teams can be found here.

Our team at AssistAI consists of experienced professionals from various fields, all working together to ensure our solutions are of the highest quality and bring real benefits to our users.

Doctors: Our doctors are an indispensable part of our team. Thanks to their medical experience and knowledge, we can develop solutions that are in line with the best medical practices and truly meet the needs of both patients and physicians.


AI and IT Specialists: Our technical team is composed of experts in artificial intelligence, computer science, and electrical engineering. They are responsible for the development of our advanced AI systems, which process medical data and generate precise diagnoses.


Chemists: Our chemists are key to the development and maintenance of our diagnostic devices. With their experience and knowledge, our devices are safe, effective, and reliable.


Psychologists: Collaborating with psychologists allows us to understand the emotional and psychological needs of our users. This helps us create solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also user-friendly and effective from a psychological standpoint.


Artists and Marketing Specialists: Our marketing and art specialists work hand in hand to ensure our products are visually appealing and easy to use. Thanks to them, MedAssistAI maintains a consistent, professional image that instills trust among our users.


Financiers: Our financiers guarantee the stability and sustainable development of the company. Thanks to them, we can invest in new projects and technologies while keeping our company on a sound financial footing.


Together, as a team, we work to ensure AssistAI is not only a leader in AI-assisted medicine but also a company that can be trusted and relied upon in the most important moments of life.

We operate with all our heart.

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