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Your AI Assistant in the fight for health.


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to modern diagnostics

At AssistAI, our mission is to make the latest diagnostic technologies accessible to everyone. We understand that the future of medicine lies in the effective use of artificial intelligence, so we focus on creating innovative solutions that usher diagnostic medicine into a new era.


For the Community


AssistAI is not just about technology, it's also our commitment to improving community health. Through innovation, education, and the provision of advanced diagnostic solutions, we strive to create a healthier future for everyone.


With AssistAI, modern diagnostics is now within reach. We invite you to cross the threshold into a new era of medicine.

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Our easily accessible tools enable health monitoring and healthcare management from the comfort of your home, combining safety, convenience, and precision.

For medical professionals, AssistAI is a tool that enhances the quality of care. Our AI solutions quickly and accurately process medical data, contributing to the effective treatment of patients.

We are raising the standards of both home and clinical diagnostics.

At AssistAI, we strive to elevate the standards of both home and clinical diagnostics by implementing advanced solutions based on artificial intelligence. Our technology allows for the processing of a vast amount of medical data in a short time, delivering accurate and relevant information that aids in the identification of health issues. For home patients, our solutions facilitate the monitoring of health status and the early detection of potential problems. In clinics and hospitals, our medical partners utilize our AI tools to expedite the diagnostic process and enhance the precision of diagnoses. In this way, we raise the standards of healthcare, making it more accessible, efficient, and safe.

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We accelerate diagnostics, speeding up the treatment process. Assist AI.

At AssistAI, our AI technology not only streamlines diagnostics but also accelerates the entire treatment process. Thanks to rapid processing of medical data, we are able to provide accurate diagnoses in a short time, enabling immediate commencement of appropriate therapy. Our solutions focus on achieving the best outcomes for patients, minimizing waiting time and maximizing treatment effectiveness.


AssistAI - Your acceleration on the path to health.

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Our AI technology not only diagnoses but also supports the treatment process, regardless of age or condition. We facilitate health monitoring for infants, assist youth and adults in maintaining health, and offer seniors solutions that help in leading an active and healthy lifestyle. AssistAI is a partner for you and your family throughout life, supporting you in your pursuit of health and well-being.


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Do you have questions, need more information, or would like to join our mission of improving health worldwide? Don't hesitate and contact us! We are here to help and will answer all your questions. AssistAI - together we are creating the future of medical diagnostics. We are waiting for you!

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